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Going back to basics in every sense

I have been pondering a lot about the meaning of life, particularly with the backdrop of the cost of living crisis hitting many of us here in the UK and abroad. Moments like this combines an array of feelings, one of frustration, despair, gratitude as well as understanding the power of being humble – a testament of strength and faith.

Image above: this is the beginnings of an oil painting, sketching with paint with a splash of yellow. The simplicity of the brushstrokes and minimalist colour palette echoes that feeling of starting from humble beginnings, don’t you think?

Dear Beautiful Soul,

Welcome to this edition of ‘my internal dialogue’ of how I view the world and how it is shaping my art. PLUS I have some REALLY exciting news to share with you – it’s about an upcoming group exhibition I am taking part in (scroll down to read all the details – including a save the date!).

Now back to what goes around my head often…

Everything we see, linked to screens, phones, tv’s, computers etc feels like a distraction on a massive scale. It really troubles me – it always has done, but more recently it seems to be getting worse.

This is primarily why I create art. It’s to provide a little release, a little pause for curiosity and fun – give us the ability to ponder beyond what our minds are being bombarded with day in day out. In its own way, you could argue it’s another avenue for distraction.

That is not my intention.

I believe, inherently, that we all have the capacity and curiosity to hold our ground against the tidal wave of what life is vastly becoming. We have the intelligence to shape our days, months and years with how we want to live.

We have that capacity and beyond.

That is why I paint. That is why I pen words. That is why I strive to capture those flowing emotions of energy and translate it into a painting.

This topic of modern day technology vs the natural world resurfaces, time and time again, as I explore who I am as a person and as an artist within the world which I live in and the neccesities it brings – do we really need these? And this is possibly one of the reasons why it has shown up in my most recent works. That perceived illusion that we work towards something worthy to attain and accomplish – yet, it is always out of reach – a few steps ahead. Taunting. Teasing.

A promise of hope. A promise of faith. In this worldly experience, is it just that?

A mere promise?

Perhaps it’s a little too deep to ponder at this time of the day. But I ask you, please do give pause to do so…

A brief pause… Image above: Yellow Tree, oil on canvas board, 10 x 10 cm | £90 (free UK delivery)

I wrote a blog article many years ago when I was working on a writing project. I stumbled across it again recently. I feel it’s very apt to where I am at right now. I’d like to share it with you (link below).

What if ‘Risks’ led to Success?

It made me ponder if I was being courageous enough to take the risks I need to achieve the success I am aiming for? Are you?

I know, it all feels a little confused – all that which I am writing. I am merely attempting to give you a private tour inside of my somewhat tangent thinking.

Writing this is akin to me taking that risk. If I do not share my process, how will you understand why I am creating as I do?

I suppose, all this makes sense when we view my thought process under the umbrella of being defiant against being labeled a particular person/artist. That we all have our place in life. Why is it that? Why does it have to be that way? What it is we are attaining to achieve? Are we forever building a life on values instilled in us by society or are we creating a life built on our own values?

It is these thoughts and feelings I try to capture and show in my paintings – using intuition as a guide to make marks in paint and swirling brushstrokes. With hope it will spark curious thoughts and ways of seeing the world within which we live and breathe. As I amble through making sense of my thoughts in words and paints, I hope these paintings give you inspiration to be curious every day with what you see, feel and experience.

So, with no further ado, I give you a glimpse of ‘The Cusp of Freedom’ (see below). This piece is the first one in the a series on my thoughts on what freedom truly feels like for most of us within our modern day. The path is lit with golden breadcrumbs, whilst all around is bare, a storm on the horizon. Walking the path with hope. Building a life of dreams – yet, everything is always a little further afield…

‘Cusp of Freedom’, 23.5 x 15.5 in, oil on canvas, 2023 | £650 (free UK delivery)

Intuitive Art – Our Elusive Genius

As many of you know, the way I paint is through intuition. Sometimes that intuition is a feeling, a gut expression and other times it comes through a vision. I often wonder the correlation it has with the spiritual world and where that source of inspiration comes from. Elizabeth Gilbert expresses it perfectly in her TedTalk ‘Your Elusive Genius’. It’s a fascinating talk, I highly recommend the watch! Which nicely leads me to our group exhibition: Spiritual Art Virtual Exhibition. Read it in full below.

Exhibition News!

It is with great excitement I am announcing the launch of our exhibition! A group of 9 artists have come together to investigate and explore the word spiritual and if it has a place as a movement in art.

“The word ‘Spiritual’ has been hijacked to elicit different meanings and reactions.

But what does it really mean? And can one word describe a multitude of feelings, experiences, viewpoints and forms of expression?

This is what we are here to explore.”

Curated by Art Director & Art Mentor Karen van Hoey Smith (instagram: @kvhs_creative).

I feel blessed to work alongside these wonderfully talented artists. Do check out their websites/instagram profiles via the links below.

Karen French @karenlfrenchsymbolism – Transformative Alchemical Art

Sarah Brabbin @sarahbrabbinart – British Wildlife Sculpture – Sculpture with Soul

Alana James @ealanajames – Capturing Life’s Wonders

Kirsten Todd @artatvixen – The Divine Feminine

Kristen Palana @kristen.palana_arts – Art that uplifts, informs, and empowers

Ana Delgado @anadelgado60 – Conveying emotions and communicating meaning

Sadie Bridger @sadiebridger – Interconnectedness of all things

Vicky J. Paul @vickyjpaul – Intuitive Energy Art

Ozlem Yikici @yikici – Be YOU, in a world where we’re expected to ‘fit-in’

Read all about the exhibition in this beautiful brochure.

Exhibition is on until 30 June 2023 – You can view it via the link below.

Don’t Miss Our Live Events & Talks with Artists & Curator

We’ll be talking with each artist as well as curator as we delve further into the topic and artworks on show. We are planning these as live events on Facebook and instagram during June – join our Facebook group to view the events as they happen. The first one is already pinned in the group – catch the next one on June 17th.

Final Thoughts…

Libby the Spirit of Freedom I, 10 x 10 cm, oil on canvas board, private commission 

As I meander through my thoughts on life and purpose, one thing stands tall amongst everything. That sense of faith, hope and belief. No matter what happens in life, we always find our feet – we always have the opportunity to cherish and find gratitude in the things we experience. I always feel humbled when I am asked to treasure a special moment in a painting. The above painting, is just that. A precious moment captured in time.

Libby, a chocolate Labrador, loved walks on Widemouth Beach by the Black Rock with her human mum KB. When asked to create this piece, it brought tears to my eyes (I know, I am sentimental like that!). I will soon be arranging it’s delivery with hope it will be cherished for many years to come. If you would like to capture a cherished moment, please do contact me and we can have a chat.

Moments like these always bring heart – that human connection is what drives us – it’s what keeps the spark of life alive.

Stay blessed and loved always.

Ozlem x

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