Creative at heart, yikici is a place to escape to; a place to seek adventure into unknown terrain. It’s a world where imagination is driven by energetic pen-work and bold brushstrokes. Vibrant colours and brooding tones swirl through doodles, creating invigorating artwork from intuitive beginnings. 

yikici also likes to yarn a tale or two throughout her journeys. A prolific writer in the making, yikici has shared poems through her poetry blog and read her poems at open mic events in London.

The person behind the name: Oz Yikici is most comfortable with a pen or brush in her grasp. If not writing poetic prose, she is doodling on any surface she finds (often her notebook). She’s an artist and poet who continued her studies right up until the completion of her Fine Art with Related Arts degree. Oz exhibited her work three times before delving into the world of ‘normal’ work. That was a learning curve in itself. Her creativity was never curbed by the day-to-day, Oz continued to doodle, paint and write as inspiration found her.

New horizons: yikici has embarked on new adventures: bridging the gap between abstract and figurative art. She merges colour and form in landscapes, creating an alternative world where nothing is as it seems. The ordinary morphs into otherworldly with expressionistic and surreal brushstrokes.

yikici brings a smile and a cheeky vibrancy to landscapes and abstract artworks.

Rainbow Forest | Commissioned Art

yikici seeks to tease defined borders through exploration and questions the necessity to conform. Are you ready to dance with borders, to transcendence beyond and find your colourful side?