Memory Art: Cherishing Memories Through Art

Welcome to Memory Art, a unique service designed to help you cherish the fond memories of your loved ones. Whether it’s a favorite landscape that holds special meaning or a place that encapsulates the bond shared with friends, family, or pets, Memory Art transforms these cherished moments into beautiful, lasting works of art.

What is Memory Art?

Memory Art is a personalized service where I create custom paintings inspired by your treasured memories. Each piece is crafted with care and attention to detail, ensuring it reflects the emotions and connections that make these memories special.

Our Services:

  • Custom Landscape Paintings: Based on your favorite places, encapsulating the essence of your memories.
  • Incorporating Ashes: Option to include ashes of pets in the artwork or in a vial attached to the painting (currently in development).
  • Special Discounts and Referrals: Available through partnered companies such as funeral directors, florists, and wedding venues.

Why Choose Memory Art?

  • Personalized: Each painting is tailored to your unique memories.
  • Meaningful: A beautiful way to honor and remember your loved ones.
  • Professional: Created with high-quality materials and techniques.

How It Works:

  1. Consultation: Discuss your vision and share your memories.
  2. Creation: I’ll create a custom painting based on your specifications.
  3. Delivery: Receive your personalized artwork, ready to be cherished.


Thank-you so much! Absolutely love my painting, not only has YIKICI captured the photo, she has brought it to life and takes me there every time I look at it. She was committed to perfecting it and it has come out beautifully! If you want your memories to be in colour and always present in your home, YIKICI will make this happen!


The Memory Art from Yikici was commissioned to commemorate my beautiful Libby Labrador who touched so many people’s lives. I wanted something remembering her & her love of the beach & the sea, with some of her ashes to be used in the painting. The result was a stunning pair of paintings (diptych) which are much treasured & make me smile every day when I look at them. Yikici Memory Art is truly a unique & special way of keeping our loved ones close & in our hearts every day. Bless you Oz for your beautiful & intuitive art. (My photos don’t do them true justice)

Kay Brock

Contact Us:

Interested in Memory Art? Reach out to learn more or to start your own Memory Art project.

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