Free Consultation to Discuss your Design Needs

Are you looking to jazz up your home or office with original artwork? Are you looking for inspiration to include in your design? Have you considered booking a free consultation to discuss your design needs?

If you are on the precipice of taking the next steps and unsure about the how, I can help! Whether you are looking to commission a new work of art, have an aura portrait arranged, buy one of the artworks on the website or looking for a print to compliment your home or office, you can be rest assured that I can help make that decision with you.

Book a free 1 hour consultation with me, and we’ll chat about your design needs and work through a solution to what you need. We can discuss through every option to find the perfect fit for you.

I look forward to assisting you anyway that I can.

Appointment booking: Free Consultation to Discuss your Design Needs


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