What is the Perfect Christmas Gift?

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Christmas Gift Ideas

Did someone say gift vouchers?

Finding a gift that stands out from a sea of fab products can be a challenge. I often find myself walking from aisles to aisles, from website to website looking for a- ‘that’s perfect!’ -moment.

My favourite finds often speak to me from boutique stores and artists. They’re like undiscovered gems waiting to be found. The gift of art is unique and something I cherish immensely. It’s a gift from the artist, a loving gift from their soul to you.

Shopping local. Buying from artists. This not only supports small businesses, it also injects individuality and brings joy to whoever we give this gift to. This Christmas why not take the road less travelled on? Why not discover a treasure waiting just for you?

This Christmas, give the gift of art. Give the gift of joy.

Here’s a selection of unique Christmas gift ideas for you. If you need more inspiration, check out my Christmas Advent Calendar to find out more about the art I create. 🙂 I hope you find something which speaks to you.

Plus check out these fab artists: Charley Hellier, Andrea Grottick, Frederick Worrell and Tati Tung Art.

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