Rainbow Forest & National Tree Week

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Christmas Advent Day 1: Colourful abstract impression of the Borneo Rainforest. Expressionistic colours.

It’s National Tree Week and to mark this special occasion, I want to talk about trees. More specifically the trees I’ve brought into my art. Today let’s meet Rainbow Forest. Rainbow Forest is a commission I completed for Phil Ivens, the photographer.

He approached me and set a challenge. He wanted me to interpret one of his photographs of the Borneo Rainforest in paint. Seeing his photographs, I was equally excited as well as daunted. The trees were set in a misty, brooding atmospheric setting. The image of the rainforest I had in my mind, however, was quite the opposite.

Initially I set out to create faithful representation of the photo, creating parameters and rules on how it should be. This proved to be very restricting and jarred immensely with the vision and feel of the rainforest I felt the need to portray. And thus… Remembering Phil’s brief of having free reign to interpret this in my unique style, an idea, a seedling formulated in my mind…

I decided to let loose and paint what I felt was emanating from the photograph. I threw the rulebook outside of the window. I pressed play on my iPod and started to paint. Then something quite exciting and magical evolved…the painting flowed in a way that felt natural and true…

I really enjoyed allowing the paints, brushstrokes and the music bring this painting to life…the moment I let go of the restrictions and stopped focusing on faithful representation, did this come alive.

It’s been a been a very rewarding learning experience. The key seems to being able to see beyond our worldly sights and allowing creativity to coarse through us effortlessly..in pure fluid motion.

I’d love to create a colourful artwork for you too! To find out more email me at oz@yikici.co.uk or contact me here.

I’m Starting an Advent Day Countdown

Celebrating National Tree Week and to mark ADVENT DAY 1 (omg Christmas is coming!), I’ve shared my first colour explosion of painting trees. That was Rainbow Forest – tomorrow I’ll be introducing another tree painting. Watch this space and follow me on instagram to see all the posts. 🙂

PLUS 20% of the profits of all artwork and fine art prints sold this week will be donated to the @nationaltrust plant a tree campaign. Spread the word. 😊

Rainbow Eucalyptus Tree

Fun Fact: After completing this commission I discovered the tree I painted actually existed in real life! Meet the Rainbow Eucalyptus Tree. 

Credit: See the watermark on the photograph.

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