The Snug Art Cafe Exhibition

This November & December I am exhibiting my artwork at The Snug Art Cafe. The works on display shows the voyage I have been on through abstract and landscape art. Below you can view each artwork currently exhibited, with details on how to buy. And just before that, you can read my artists statement and get a better idea behind where my explorations in different styles are taking me.

If you have any questions about the artworks or wondering how to collect the artwork in person, then contact me by email: or through my contact page.

How to Own Art

Please note: I am updating the links to this page. If the artwork you’re looking for does not have a working link to buy here, reach out to me by email or via my contact page.

Details on your purchase & delivery times/options

Certificate of Authenticity:

All artworks will be accompanied with a certificate of authenticity; this will be delivered with the artwork or posted separately if artwork is purchased/collected in person.

Purchasing Options:

There’s a few ways to buy the artworks.

  1. You can pay online by clicking the ‘buy’ button below the artwork and pay by Card/PayPal/Google Pay/Apple Pay/Bank Transfer
  2. If you want to spread the costs, you can pay in 3 instalments through PayPal
  3. You can pay at Snug Art Cafe – ask Anna


Delivery of the items will be made within two weeks of the exhibition closing. Please contact me if you would like to collect the artwork in person or need it sooner*. You can reach me by email on 

*Please note, where possible I will try to get the artworks to you sooner, however, this may not possible if the artwork is part of an exhibition and there’s difficulties in the logistics of removing the artwork from the display.

The Exhibition

Artist Statement | Explorations 1998 – 2021

I have always been curious in life. In art it has been no different. I enjoy exploring the lines between abstract, landscape and figurative art; to find a space where it all can exist is quite exciting. This way of working has led to the discovery of a familiar yet fantastical landscapes. It’s brought questions to the forefront, allowing curiosity to ensue and question the sights ahead.

From merging abstract forms with an imaginary landscape to constructing solid forms with doodles superimposed over real landscapes to taking paint and brushstrokes to a more intuitive way of working. I am on a pilgrimage in finding a balance with the differing styles I am working in. I work intuitively and with purpose. I enjoy bringing a sense of fun and curiosity within my artwork, with the hope to evoke joy, a smile, and a wonderment to your day.

In this collection you will see the journey I have embarked on to get here. The collections include artwork from the following bodies of work: The Untitled Series, The Earthquake Series, Intuitive Art & Synergy in Motion. All the above comes under the umbrella of Identity which I am currently exploring. More will be revealed soon.

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Thank You!

I hope you have enjoyed the exhibition. If you have any questions about the artworks or wondering how to collect the artwork in person, then contact me by email: or through my contact page. Feedback is always welcome, please do drop me a line with your thoughts. I look forward to hearing from you!

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