The Four Seasons Collection 2024 Art Calendar


The Four Seasons Collection 2024 Art Calendar. Beautiful A4 (297mm x 210mm) spiral bound Wall Calendar with artwork from The Four Seasons Collection. Comes with a free monthly advent calendar.

  • Cover: Smooth Silk 250gsm
  • Inner Paper: Smooth Silk 170gsm
  • Binding Position: Short Edge

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The 2024 Art Calendar is here! Artwork from The Four Seasons Collection make a beautiful addition to this 2024 Art Calendar.

Life is complex as it is; to me, spirituality makes the complex digestible. It gives me meaning and understanding. To be fortunate enough to be able to bring elements of this through into my art, is both humbling and ever inspiring.

In this collection of work, the concept of the collection through start to finish, was in essence a spiritual experience. It’s about having trust in your intuition and the interplay between being inspired by spiritual guidance to create artworks and having the courageous trust to apply brushstrokes on canvas/paper with no prior preparation. These works came through a vision as I pondered on a series of artwork I could create. The idea to emulate the four seasons using the same techniques with a focus on mirror imaging a treescape by a lake was the precise vision in my mind’s eye. As soon as it came to me, I set about in creating these landscapes in watercolour. I did this by stepping into the flow of the energy and vision and allowed myself to be the vessel in the creation of these mini paintings. It has been said that viewers have found to receive healing through coming in contact with these paintings, which is another form of spirituality, I feel.

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A4 | 297mm x 210mm | 29.7cm x 21com