Advent day 2

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Christmas Advent Day 2

It’s advent day 2! Let me introduce you to the fabulous Storyteller. It’s a blend of plein air painting and studio work. I incorporated abstract expressionism to bring an element of mystery and curiosity.

Painted onsite at Lesnes Abbey, it was the perfect setting for a story, and thus a storyteller found its way sitting under the glorious yellow tree. His gaze looking towards the bright woodlands shining in-front of him. The story he is weaving.

As Christmas approaches and we open the window of advent day 2, it’s a time to step outside our day to day and find the mystical and joyous moments and share… I encourage you to take a pause and think of an inspired setting to write about, to write your own curious story. What will it be?

Share it out loud, even if it’s just to yourself.

Take that moment.

Notice how you feel.

Where has this taken you?

Share this feeling with another. Pass on the curiosity of storytelling.

Join me tomorrow for advent day 3…wonder which painting will it be?

Pssst! The Storyteller will be available Fine Art Giclée Print soon. Contact me to find out more. 🙂

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